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Player ratings: P/ling Utd 2-13 City

1. Jay Hart. 9/10 Very sharp and lively throughout the game. Scored 5 goals with quality finishes. Could have scored few more goals.

2. Phuntsho Jigme. 8/10 Was outstanding at the back. Controlled and built the game from the back. Could have avoided the penalties.

3. Mipham Jigme. 8/10 Another stellar performance. Composed and resolute. Growing game by game. Was cought few times inside own half.

4. Tshering Dorji. 8/10 Midfield maestro. Controlled and dictated the game. Scored a wonder goal. Needs to make more late runs to the box from deep.

5. Sonam Tenzin. 7/10 Performed his duties well. Kept the dangers from flanks at bay. Showed desire and registered a goal to his name.

6. Beto Monster. 7/10 Scored two fine goals. Was involved in few good moves in the front. Went missing in the second half.

7. Manoj Gurung. 7/10 Covered the left flank extremely well, despite playing out of position. Could have performed even better on his natural position.

8. Orgyen Wangchuk. 7/10 Excellent partnership with the captain. Controlled the midfield. Could have been better suited further upfront in the no.10 role.

9. Karma Tenzin. 7/10 Rarely threatened. Did well with his distribution. Communicated well with the defenders.

10. Tsenda Dorji. 6/10 Displayed glimpses of his talents on few occasions. Should be clinical and composed in the box.

11. Singay Wangchuk. 6/10 Was a good game involvement. Drifted on unnatural position. Played safe. Should have played direct and taken on the fullbacks.

Phurpa Tshering

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