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Do you know Jay Hart?

Do you know?’ Is a blog series contributed by one of our supporters Phurpa Tshering. The series aims to give a different insights of City players.

Jay Hart, the new no.9 of Thimphu City. He made a remarkable journey from England to Bhutan for the love of the beautiful game. The striker has quickly settled into the team considering the vast difference in culture, altitude and footballing style. Here is an exclusive interview with the ‘English Bull’

1. Different country. Different culture. Different people. How are you finding your life out here?
I am loving my life out here in Thimphu, Bhutan. I settled very quickly. I was made to feel so welcome by everyone here and everyone I met. I have made a lot of friends here, people that watch the games, players and coaches from rival teams, shop and cafe owners. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming and that has helped massively. I love it here!

2. Can you share about the difference in the level of your native league and the national premier league here.
There are few differences to be fair, the English leagues are much more physical. Players in England have no worries when it comes to a crunching tackle. I’ve noticed in Bhutan there’s not many tackles like this. In this league players are much fitter and faster and have a bit more flair about them. Also I’ve noticed a massive difference in mentality. England, you win at all costs and do anything it takes to win. Here in Bhutan it’s much more laid back and calm. You lose a game in England and it hurts for days leading up to the next so you can put it right. People take it much better here. Think that’s just due to how positive people are here. I personally think and feel you have to do whatever it takes to win.

3. What do you do during weekends apart from football related stuffs?
As I live with the coach I spend all my time with him. We were friends growing up so I’m happy we have been reunited thanks to Bhutan. We spend quite a bit of time at home speaking to loved ones or generally just chilling out. We regularly go to Bhutan Fitness Zone. Sometimes we head to town for coffees and lunches, we visit Tower Cafe a lot. We have become good friends with the owner there and he makes an amazing cappuccino! Also I love the odd visit to burger point haha!

4. 17 goals in 8 matches. That is a staggering amount of goal. Which goal stands out as your favourite?
I’m happy to be contributing these goals to the cause of Thimphu City. The best feeling in the world is seeing the ball hit the net! My stand out goal here is my first ever goal in Bhutan vs Drukstars. I’d only just got over the feeling of walking out onto the pitch for the first time to the walk out music, knowing I have so many family and friends watching me back home it was an amazing feeling. But to then go and score 2/3 minutes into the game is something I’ll never forget. Coach has asked us to play high pressure on the defenders and it worked a treat. The defender has made a mistake and has seen me pinch the ball and go through on goal, a million and one things are going through my head at this moment but thankfully I’ve managed to slot the ball home. That feeling will never leave me, can only imagine the joy on my number one fans face back home, my mother. Ended up being the winner in the game also so what a dream start that was.

5. How is the food? Any cuisine worth mentioning?
I absolutely love beef momos and crispy chilli potato. Everyone knows I love food so that was a big thing when I was coming here but I have really enjoyed it and I’ll try anything that’s put in front of me but yeah beef momos are the best!

6. You are gaining popularity as the ‘English Bull’. Can you share you share something about that name.
The English Bull name was born in the away game against Paro. Jattu was commentating on the game and when I pulled a goal back for us he come out with it. “Jay Hart The English Bull” since then it has stuck. Maybe due to the way I play and because I’m quite a stocky build compared to other players. I like the name and I’m sure it will stick with me now where ever I go.

7. What sort of movies do you like?
I’m into action, thrillers and horrors. Anything that keeps you guessing about what’s going to happen next. Horrors probably not wise as I suffer regular nightmares, I also share a room with the coach and my friend Josh. He experienced one of my nightmares the other week and it’s safe to say I left him a little shook up! But I enjoy movies the most that keep you gripped.

8. Any message for the fans?
Stick by us. Football is a funny old game and anything can happen! There’s twists and turns in every league and it’s not over yet. Got to remain positive. We will give 100% every game!” The striker also specifically mentioned that he misses his family and friends back home and and that he loves them all.

Phurpa Tshering